Safety & Care

Your Protection

Lindyspring Water is bottled and sealed under rigid sanitary controls. Lindyspring Water is always fresh with no added chemicals, crystal clear, chlorine-free and calorie-free. Lindyspring Water is regularly laboratory tested. Our bottling plants are inspected by the FDA, state and local health agencies and the National Sanitation Foundation.

You can be sure with Lindyspring Water.

Dispenser Care

Your dispenser is delivered to you sanitary and in good working order. It is for water use only. Here are some tips on how you can keep it clean. The catch basin under the faucet(s) should be lifted and emptied. Rinsing in warm, soapy water will keep it sanitary. From time to time it is advisable to wash the water reservoir with a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon of bleach to 1 gallon of water. Let stand for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Be sure to wipe the neck and cap of the bottle before placing it on the dispenser.

Purifying Process

Lindyspring bottled water originates from local treated municipal water supplies. We employ processing methods such as carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, micron filtration, distillation, de-ionization and ozonation to remove chemical and microbiological contaminants, including Cryptosporidium. We use a variety of practices and employ outside independent laboratories to ensure the safety and high quality of our products.

First, multiple stages of filtration is used. This includes carbon filtration, micron filtration and particulate filtration to remove sediment and suspended particles. The water is then softened and directed through an Active Carbon filter process to remove all chlorine.

Next, double pass reverse osmosis, a process that removes nearly all of the salts or minerals in the source water is used. It works by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane twice (the water passes through but the minerals do not).

To make the Lindyspring brand of Drinking Water, we add a minute amount of high quality calcium to the double pass reverse osmosis purified water. Additionally, we pass all drinking water through De-ionizing tanks to improve the quality to the highest level possible. This gives us exactly the right clean, refreshing taste for drinking water. The sodium level in Lindyspring brand Drinking Water is less than 1 milligram per 8 ounce serving.

In processing our Distilled Water product, the water is heated to produce steam. The minerals are left behind and the rising steam is condensed for a pure, mineral-free distilled product.

We use ozone as a form of sanitation for all of our bottled water products. We use ozone instead of chlorine as a sanitizer because it leaves no residual taste or odor. Ozone is oxygen (O3 to be exact) which is bubbled through the water just before it goes into a clean, sanitized bottle. Within a few hours after the bottle has been filled and capped, the ozone dissipates or converts back to the same form of oxygen that we breathe (O2).