Customer Service


MONTHLY BILLS: Our billing cycle ends on the 20th of the month. Bills will be sent to you covering all deliveries and bottles returned through to this day. Bills are payable upon receipt. Accounts not paid on the 20th day of each month shall be subject to a late charge of $.50 or 18.5% per annum on the delinquent amount whichever is greater.

Bottle Deposits

The bottle deposit policy at Lindyspring works just like a pop bottle deposit. When you have an even exchange, you will only be charged for water and no deposit will be shown. However, when you receive more or less bottles than you return during the billing period, you will be charged or credited the deposit on the difference only. WE CANNOT GIVE CREDIT FOR BOTTLES CONTAINING FOREIGN SUBSTANCES OR BOTTLES THAT ARE CHIPPED OR STAINED.


For the convenience of our customers, Lindyspring can deliver cups for cold beverages. We offer two types of cups, our 4.25 oz cone cups, and our 7 oz flat bottom cups. Both sizes fit in a convenient plastic cup holder that can be attached to your water cooler at no extra charge. Great to have on hand with thirsty children around or for customers visiting your business or office.


SCHEDULING: Your home or office will receive deliveries every two or four weeks depending on your water usage and geographic location. At each delivery your route salesman will leave an invoice showing the number of products purchased, empties returned and our next scheduled delivery day. It should be noted that following holidays observed by Lindyspring Water Co., your delivery day will change to the following working day of the week.

Rates for deliveries of bottled water are available on the rates page.

If you will not be at home on one of your scheduled dates, please do the following:
Leave your empties outside with a note telling us where to leave your delivery – porch, patio, utility room, etc.

We cannot be responsible for missing bottles or bottles damaged by freezing. We also recommend that customers never keep bottles in direct sunlight because under certain conditions, the bottles and the water can act like a magnifying glass and generate heat.

Ample Supply: LINDYSPRING Water is not perishable, so be sure to keep plenty on hand for normal use. During hot weather periods or when company is expected, it’s always a good idea to order additional water supplies. Your cases or bottles are dated – We suggest you use the oldest date first.


When moving your residence, please give the office ample notice. Please see contact information below. Should you move out of the Lindyspring delivery area, we’ll pick up the dispenser before you leave. If you’re remaining in our delivery area, we’ll transfer service to your new address.

Using Lindyspring Water

Cooking, Mixing, Drinking, Ice Cubes: Lindyspring Water is wonderful to drink by itself, pure, crisp and good tasting. But don’t stop there, because Lindyspring Water can make everything you mix or cook taste so much better. Brew your tea and coffee with Lindyspring. Mix your fruit juices with this delicious, naturally good-tasting water. And cook with it, because it will help bring out the natural flavors in everything you cook or mix or drink with water.